Easy Ecological Tips: laugh and play

Living with an ecological mind creates a desire for true progress. Waste elimination is an ongoing effort to reduce and re-use all waste.  Even stuff that has no purpose or chance of being recycled can be re-used for the sake of fun.

When you have extra stuff that needs to leave your home, take your clean and cool odds and ends to the CREATE STUDIO.

PLAY/CREATE and re-use goods in an artistic way!

I recently unloaded/uploaded a couple of bags (odds and ends) to the Create Studio of Westlake Village. It is a great place to let your patience extend. It is an informal art studio, where kids and parents can create... The owner re-vamps donated pieces to allow budding kids and growing artists to utilize recycled materials: boxes, fabric, buttons, thread spools, plastic thingies, etc.

Check it out - A Creative Space!

Bonus Eco-Tip: Cleaning with Vinegar is Fabulous for Clean-Up Time!

Into an empty spray bottle, you can pour 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water. This vinegar water solution is great for a variety of cleaning and sanitizing tasks: glass surfaces, loosening food from dishes, etc.

Keeping the spray bottle below your sink can get you into a habit of leaving the water off as you prepare dishes for the dishwasher. If you spray a dish with food particles, then rub with your hands/sponge/rag, you will rinse with much less water usage.

Christy Camp

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Natalie said...

Cleaning with vinegar IS VERY VERY FAB!!! I highly recommend it! Be gone all those toxic chemical cleaners!