Start Your Own Earth Day Tradition

Be satisfied with the measure of eco effort that is sustainable for you. Let go of the guilt that you can never do enough. You are better off with an ounce of green passion, if you wear it well.

1! Put your life in the equation. Do things that sustain you at the beginning of the day.

2! Throw Guilt out the Window Adding media driven drama, fear, and doubt to your guilty conscious would leave you with little left. Throw guilt out, and use your passion wisely.

3! Self-Righteousness is a Turn-Off Utilize your ability to be full of compassion, as you discuss your green passion with others (instead of lecture.)

4! Live It Breathe and Enjoy your efforts and passion. As you release your breath, smile. Allowing your body to exist with a healthy amount of stress (no EXTRA), you are free to glow.

5! Increase Your Synergy with the Earth Our bodies are interdependent with Mother Earth. Let your daily To Do List show a bit of effort, and feel thanks from Mother Earth.

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