Back to School: Personalize Learning 4 Ingenuity

Back to School Colors Range from Violet to Red.

A full spectrum of colors could represent a new philosophy for Education.  National educators agree that a personal approach is the golden key.

"Personalized learning" is becoming the common thread in education.  Creativity is honorable.  Instead of icing on the cake, imagination is the cake.  Education is power not force. To summarize, personalized learning is an organic path to ingenuity.  Growing self awareness could be as important as learning ABC.  Inspired, this compilation of references is aiming at new growth in education.

In Costco Connection Magazine, Will Fifield writes about Sir Ken Robinson "calling out for a Revolution in Education..."
New Schools Venture Fund has an interesting model to inspire change in educational systems. Their ideas are motivating.  New Schools Venture Fund is devoted to building high-quality education organizations. 

Education is a vision of healthy conscious young leaders that are empowered to accept change.  Change is a medium, and education is the tool box for change.

Christy Camp

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