2012: the Polar Shift Explained

I find it very intriguing how for so many months and even years, we were bombarded with films, documentaries and talks about December 2012. Yet today, November 3rd 2012, less than two months away from the Mayan Date, we hardly hear anything about it on television shows or the news.

We found this History Channel segment which is a must share, and the more we seek, the more we find topics about the famous 2012. However the mass media no longer is dwelling upon this phenomenon. It makes me wonder, it makes me feel uneasy. No I do not believe the end of the world is at hand - but I do believe many changes are happening already, and we all are a part of this.

Some of us unconscious, others more awake, and sensitive to the changes. Some people I know say they feel the strangest sensations in their body.


Then again what is life without a little mystery.


Science has something to say about it. Enjoy this segment from History channel:


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