Meditation with Deepak Chopra: A Journey Within

Recently a girlfriend  shared a beautiful meditation collection by Deepak Chopra consisting of 19 different meditation melodies to help balance your chakras. 

Each of the 19 have their individual titles, one named "BLISS" caught my attention. This morning I played it to accompany my Sun Salutation routine. Every day since the beginning of 2012, I gave myself the resolution to practice Yoga to the best of my ability. While I don't have the means for an expensive weekly class, I do know the practice and have made a serene space in my home where I do 10 to 20 minute each day.

"BLISS" not only helped my focus during my Yoga practice, it took me deep inside, to long forgotten memories of past events and journeys. In my mind's eye I journeyed back to the places I once traveled to.

I breath in and stretch into mountain posture, I breath out, I remain in that position for a couple of breaths. The beautiful sound of flute plays with a airy background sound and chimes, I find myself suddenly of Mount Olive, staring at the closed gates of the old city wall. I lean down to touch my toes, breathing out, I roll my eyes up and forward then back down looking my my toes -  I saw the reddish brown slightly worn sandals I was wearing when I ran up the cobble stone steps of the old city of Jerusalem, my inner ear could hear the clapping sounds they made as I used to rush to my youth Hostile each evening after having toured many sites and cities, having met many new faces and kindred spirits traveling like me, dinned in exotic restaurants near the shores of Acco, tasting the fresh catch of the day with Mediterranean flavors.

The flute continues to play and I think of the dancing cobra slowly emerging from its basket as I breath in and out and into the cobra posture. I stay and feel my lower back, it hurts - I stretch some more and settle. My back arched, my head raised, I am high standing still on Masada looking at the vast horizon, the Negev desert, the Dead Sea and the History. 

I bend backward into a child posture and rest my back. The flute has stopped playing, a deeper sound takes me in the dark of the Holy Sepulchre, the scent of the incense filled my nostrils, the crowds of tourists gather. I loose myself in the hypnotic flickering of the many candle flames around. As I finally step back outside of the Holy Church, I stretch into a cats posture and a continuous movement of bending my back in and curving my back out, I can almost remember myself hissing and spitting to keep unfriendly and angry locals from harassing me. This constant battle between religions, and the constant offensive remarks toward Christians - yes it exists, it is real. 

I finally breath in and lift, slowly rolling my back and finding myself strong and standing straight, my arms up high above my head, I recall those who were kind and helpful, and as the meditation music ends, I am grateful for all my experiences and to the Higher Spirit who always put the right people on my path, no matter where I journeyed.

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