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Taking on more clients meant more time spent in front of the computer and many late nights to meet my deadlines. I pretty much started feeling like the Koala in this photo, I could haven fallen asleep on a tree branch. But I found ways to overcome tiredness and be more productive. One of the ways was to get better organized. It is very easy to loose track of priorities, and with so much tasks in front of me, prioritizing became necessary and life changing. 
I begun to de-clutter my life, just as I de-clutter my house by gathering separate boxes for various items,  sorting them then storing them - I did the same with my week. Titling each day according to what I was going to tackle. Each hour with the task I planned to take care of. I did not overlap, if I had not finished a task, I stopped and took care of the next for that time I had allocated for it. It worked. I got things done swiftly and slowly accomplished all I needed to accomplish. Then moved on to the next set of tasks.
I still stayed up late, but by choice. Late nights after putting my kid to sleep, I took a half hour snoozz then got up and took half an hour to do some stretch and yoga, prepare a cup of tea and got to work on the computer. 2 am, I would log off and go to bed. And still be able to wake up in the morning at 7 am.
I came to realise that part of my tiredness came from a sense of being out of control, of not seeing progress in what I was doing, the stress added to my tiredness. But there is much more to feeling energized and I sought to find out what else I could do. I learned that caffeine nor energy drinks were NOT the answer. 
I learned to identify my personal sleep cycle, how to apply it and ensure to complete it in order to boost my energy level. 
"Stop Tiredness Now!"
helped me understand the ways to achieve and complete my sleep cycle with a step by step guide. Knowing it is one thing but having something to follow and apply to my daily life was entirely something else, because waking up before completing your cycle, will make you feel tired, fatigued, and drowsy all day long! Been there!
I've been told over many years that we all need 8 hours sleep to be necessary in order to feel good. But that isn't so. "Stop Tiredness Now" will teach you that the amount of hours you sleep is of less importance than actually completing your sleep cycle.
I thought this ebook to be worth the try, and I believe it is information that can help you if you have been struggling with tiredness and lack of energy.
Waking up tired, going through your day dragging your feet and feeling exhausted by dinner time isn't a way of spending these precious times on Earth.

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