No Summer Camp... kid's activities, fun Summer and work too. How will I do it?

I dreaded the end of school year, as much as I did the first day in school back in August. Change stresses me, in part because I am forced to rearrange my life. For someone who enjoys and finds peace in the platitude of daily routine, it is understandable that I should require some yoga classes, extra walks in the morning and long hot baths at night to cope with change.

This first week of Summer has been a little bit of a rough ride. Let me explain myself. I have a few jobs and doing them all isn't  a walk in the park. During school year, I would be first to get up. As the sun rose, so did I, to fit my 20 minute yoga in my morning followed by a cup of coffee, so far so good.... if I could fit in a phone call to my mother in Canada, even better.

Then I 'd shower - quickly. Get my kid out of bed (wake her earlier, give her a few extra minutes, then wake her up again). Repeat myself three times for each request I would make: "get up.... Get Up!.... GET UP!!". Get lunch bag ready, dog comes crying, let him out, give him food. Run back and forth, "brush your hair.... did you brush your hair yet.... Please brush your Hair time is running out!" Drive her to school, walk her to class, socialize with the parents, get updated on school events etc...

Drive back home, wash left over dishes from the night before, clean up the kitchen - a bit. Put the make-up on, get my own lunch ready. Wake my husband up, check my emails, finally drive off to work. I work with my husband at our family retail business. I am at work dealing with customers, phone calls, husband, inventory and so on until I rush to school to pick up my girl. I linger to chat a little bit with other parents. Drive back home, feed my kid, have a small bite myself then get her ready for her afternoon activities... time flies.

uhh, drive her to her after school activity. Drive back home, prepare supper, help with homework, deal with noise, and odd questions. Get some laundry load done, sweep up, clean up, then prepare table, and finally have supper when husband arrives. Put little one to bed, read her a book, fall asleep by her side (not recommended), then force myself to wake up or be awaken by husband with goo goo eyes and a candle lit - uhh I have a headache.

Well 10pm, I would get to work, this time on my freelance jobs in my home office.  With my favorite online radio host to keep me company (cause husband is now fast asleep). I would work until 1 or 2 am on some design jobs, satisfied I finally turn off the lights, and go to bed. Usually I have to push my Maltese-poodle off to make my way under the covers.


The sun rises and the routine begins.

Now that it's Summer, it's a whole different ball game, but I won't put you through it. Suffice to say, Summer days are more hectic because they have less of a routine. Daily chores are the same but my kid is home at all times. Between swim class and other sport activities, I fit in a play date here and there, I make time away from work to go to the pool, but I also take her to the office with me and I try my hardest to focus!

This Summer I decided to avoid the Summer camps (save some money) and do a weekly field trip to somewhere educational and cultural. I like the idea and so does she, always looking forward to it.

I put up a calendar on the wall and marked the places to visit from Museums to zoos, to kids' science centers, Wild life encounter and other fun places to open her mind and curiosity. Los Angeles has plenty to offer.

We still just do chill trips too - twice a week we go to the pool. We'll take one afternoon to scooter or bike. Occasional drive to the beach or a matiné, and at least one trip to the water slides. Saturday's after work we do family night at a pizza place. Sunday - we rest! Simple enough.

There are lots of things to do at home too, in my case at the office, drawing, crafts, painting t-shirts, making jewelry and thank goodness for technology! Because when all things are done, there is always a computer game to get my little girl excited.

But make sure you know what they're playing,  some of them are too violent and senseless. There are some good ones and I will post a list in an upcoming article.

So reading this over, I realize it isn't so bad after all, I've got everything pretty much set up and under control, I have a happy kid and I am getting things done - I started the post out of my own frustration late last night (I suppose I was just tired), this morning I finished it and am feeling good about the Summer ahead of me.

I wish you find plenty to do with your kids, if you have other suggestions please leave a comment.

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