Love: The Secret Of Success


Sometimes in life we are haunted with "Fear Of Failure." Professionals in psychology tell us, adjust! However, there is a failure-proof way to live without it in the Word of God...the way of Love.

To know real success, we must learn and practice to move and be motivated by love. Jesus did only that when He was on the earth. He defeated hatred with love. When St.John the Baptist was murdered, Jesus went away to be alone. People kept following Him. He did not retaliate from this terrible crime. Instead, He moved with compassion towards them and healed their sick.

Compassion always goes to the root of the problem. That is why it succeeds, always. The Word of God says that Jesus has poured forth His love into our hearts. His love is perfected in us as we keep His Word.

Therefore, we should commit to living the life of love. Watch God turn failure into success at home, at work, any situation.

Love Never Fails

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