Meditate. Eat. Love.

A little meditation in the morning not only wakes you up, it energizes you and starts you on a happy and positive attitude. There is no special way to meditate, you can find what makes you most comfortable. Perhaps a quiet place in your home or sitting in your backyard early morning as the birds start twitting. It really doesn't matter, you can meditate in the shower. As long as you're making a conscious effort to direct your thought to a certain focus of your choice. Thoughts can wander and sometimes overwhelm, especially in the morning as you go through the list of things you need to do.

Put the list aside for fifteen minutes or twenty each morning. Remember your spirit and clear your mind. When you re-open your eyes, the world around will appear different, calmer, more welcoming and less stressful despite your list.

A healthy big breakfast fuels your body and your mind thinks better. make sure you give yourself time every morning for a colorful wholesome breakfast, not just a granola bar on the go! A sit down, two eggs, toast, potato and jam, with a healthy oatmeal on the side garnished with fresh blueberries and a glass of your favorite juice. Resist the coffee, keep it for your break time around 10 or 11am, you'll enjoy it far more.

A loving behaviour will only amplify your good humour and overall energy. Love is action, decide to be an opportunist in this department, show love and compassion in small ways when ever the opportunity arises. Any occasion in the day that calls for a helping hand, a kind remark, or a listening ear is love in action, and will be returned to you.

For what you give is what you'll get. The law of cause and effect.

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