Natural Remedies for your Garden Plants

With todays environmental and health issues, when it comes to gardening, we try to find ways to minimize and/or eliminate the root of these problems by using more natural methods in cultivating and maintaining our garden plants. Here you'll find just a couple of many ways to do this:

What to do with your eggshells?...Well, you could use them to get tomatoes !
You're probably wondering that this must be some sort of magical trick, you throw your eggshells on the ground like magic beans and they grow up to be big, red, juicy tomatoes ! Well.....almost.
What you do is take your eggshells, about four or five of them, and put them in a small plastic bag and slowly crush them with your hands until they're small chunks.
Then, you throw them in a pot which contains soil (preferably organic soil) and mix the crushed eggshells in with the soil. Remember that's four shells per tomato plant.
Now why we do this, because tomato plants need a lot of calcium, otherwise they'll develop something called, blossom-end rot.
Blossom-end rot is not a disease, it's simply a deficiency of calcium, and by mixing in those crushed eggshells, they will give off calcium almost immediately and you will not have any problems with blossom-end rot.
Yes, milk has calcium too, however it is not to be mixed in with the soil, but only to be sprayed upon.
Roses form a fungus disease on their leaves called black spots, and a natural non-toxic remedy to eliminate those spots is...milk.
Milk contains lactoferrin, a protein with antimicrobial activity. This protein works against fungi that attacks the plant.
To do this, take an empty spray bottle, mix one part milk and two parts water (maybe even filtered water for less contamination) and then spray 'em on your roses once a week.
This should work just as well as those earth-unfriendly synthetic fungicides.
......."Here's a link to a book which has many other remedies !"

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