This Got Me Thinking...

A headline today on read "A woman who missed Air France was killed in a car accident..." This got me thinking, shoot! I guess when it's your time, it's your time to go!

I didn't want to read the article itself, too depressing. The headline alone brought shivers up my spine. It also made me wonder, we're all going to face death one day, do I prefer facing it through a prolonged illness, knowing I'm dying? Or face it in an instant, not see it coming. I couldn't answer it, I still can't.

Maybe it's best not think about the inevitable and simply enjoy every minute of life we are given. All that matters anyway is NOW. I've often referred to one of my all time favorite books by Ekhart Tolleto be reminded of this fact.

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Anonymous said...

I never thought about that, I think definetly I'd wanna know when I'm going so I can make preparations and say goodbye to my loved ones.

Anonymous said...

I want to go by surprise. And I want it to be some tragedy that will hit the news and people will be in shock and sad about it. Kinda like the crocodile hunter who died when a stingray pierced his heart. But please, no pain!