Sugar, Poison.


Delicious, sweet sugar!......Well, when I'm finished with this post, hopefully you'll be thinking twice about the delicious, sweet part.

First, a brief history of sugar:
Sugar, originates from the Arabic and Persian word shakar , which itself is derived from a Sanskrit word sharkara.
A long time ago, around 350 AD, during the Gupta dynasty, Indians were the first to crystallize sugar. Before that, people extracted the sweetness by chewing the cane raw.
Arabs transformed these techniques of sugar production into a huge industry during the Muslim Agricultural Revolution. After the development of sugar mills, refineries and plantations in the 14th century and on, it's in the eighteenth
century that sugar became enormously popular, all levels of society had become consumers of the product. Suppliers sold sugar in solid cones and consumers required a sugar nip to break off pieces. In this century, 30% of the world's sugar is made from beets.
Sugar as a food, is used in desserts, in confectionery and in drinks. Often cooks use sugar as a food preservative as well.
This brief explanation is the 'Sweet' comes the 'sour' aspect of our much loved carbohydrate...
...the health "benefits." or are there I mentioned earlier hopefully you'll be thinking twice about this sweet and irresistible treat after reading the following: Click on the link ..........or not, (at your own risk):

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