Clear the Clutter and Feel Happier Instantly!

I once walked into someone's home and the clutter rushed over me like a tsunami. Sometimes you don't even realize why you feel uncomfortable or irritated but if you look around and see your kitchen sink piled up, or stuff laying around, the laundry waiting to be folded, it drains your energy. My friend often complained of stress and migraines, I told her to tackle her clutter and then notice if she experienced any change. The stress and pressure she had at work was enough, home is where she should go to get away from it all, relax and replenish her energy. I offered to help her start clearing all that clutter. I admit I had a major satisfaction each time I got the ok to throw away something. And soon enough her home was tidy and once again soothing to all the senses.

Whether you believe it or not, we are energy and a poor energy flow in your living environment will have adverse affect on you. A few simple steps will help in tackling the overwhelming clutter that you've been avoiding.

1. First, don't look at the whole. Take one room at a time. Focus on one corner even. You might decide to work on one room for the next week, or one day per room.

2. Get yourself three cardboard boxes. Label them "throw away", "give away", "organize". And begin grabbing things and sorting them in the boxes. Try not to dwell on any one thing, like a photo album laying around, just put it in your organize box if you don't know where you want it yet. When you're all done, you can go back to it and happily look at your photos. So don't waste time, grab and sort.

3. Once your room is cleared up, find a place for your boxes. Put give away box in garage or closet. Throw away your throw away items (don't think twice). And keep your "organizing" box for a later time or organize right away, as you wish.

4. Your room now is free of clutter. Sweep, vacuum, dust and rearrange layout to make sure it is allowing energy to flow easily. Just walk around in the room, if you find yourself knocking your knee here and there, having to squeeze through two furnitures, you need to re-think the layout.

5. Finally, scan your room and see if there's small decorative items you may wish to add or old ones you want to remove. Things we surround ourselves have meaning and when they no longer do, don't leave them in your environment.

Do the same with each room. And to avoid clutter, begin practicing putting away your things as you've finished using them. It takes less time than going through this exercise. People don't realize how the disorganization of their space was contributing to their stress until it is eliminated. A clutter free home or work space will always inspire you, relax you and make you more productive.

You will feel happier instantly.

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