5 Easy Ways to Create Your Personal Magical Environment

This morning I got up at 5 am. Yes. 5 am, and I wondered how I can possibly be up so early since I slept so late! Nevertheless, there I was, half asleep looking around the house, and the sun rays were slowly peaking thru the blinds. Everyone else was still asleep, I heard a few early birds twitting, I thought of twitting myself but I decided to do some meditation and yoga before I turn on the computer to go to my twitter account.

After the usual stop at the washroom, refreshing cold water on my face, I walked into the guest room and felt - ahhh - it was peaceful, quiet, clean, beautiful art on the wall, the layout was such as it revealed a large open area where I had thrown a colorful rug. It called me. I opened my blue yoga mat, faced the window where I could see beautiful flowers in the front yard and begun my morning meditation routine. The sun salutation.

I created this sanctuary I can retreat to because it helps me get into that peaceful state and encourages me to actually follow up my routine.

Here are 5 easy ways you too can create your own personal magical environment:

1. DECIDE which room or corner of a room will be best for you. I suggest a room or space the lest used by other members of the family.

2. CLEAR THE FREAKIN' CLUTTER! can I be more blunt. Nothing disturbs the energy flow more than useless clutter. Even if you don't sweep or vacuum daily. A clutter free space will always look clean. So get rid of all the unwanted "stuff" organize, and make room for energy to flow properly. read how to clear the clutter if you don't know where to start.

3. NO ELECTRONICS. Make your space or room without the presence of radio, T.V. or a computer, I'd go as far as say no desk. Your sanctuary should not remind you of work. you can have your cd player for soothing music that creates the right atmosphere to help your meditation (try a Mike Oldfield cd).

4. DECORATE with a few favorite things. This could be a candle, incense, a plant or vase of fresh flowers avoid fake flowers (they collect dust) and avoid dried flowers (they're dead) only fresh living flowers can enhance the energy. Make the place warm and soothing with soft light, rugs, a few pillows maybe. What ever is soothing to you, but keep it simple and minimal. Remember you don't want to re-create clutter with your favorite things.

5. It's important for your personal space to reflect what you want to achieve and inspire you.

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