The "real" you... (part 2)

Here's a fictitious, but realistic story about a man who had problems with various emotions and behaviors, ranging from egotistical, jealous, envious, rude, and so on. He's been living five hundred miles away from his family. This man thought he had changed, that he is a new man, a better man. One day he wrote a very long letter explaining to his family about how he has improved his life, his way of thinking, and how this was the start of his "real" self. When his family read it, their response was disbelief and sent the letter back, doubtful of their sons sudden change. The man got his letter back with a few negative and disappointing words from the family he sought to impress, he was upset and became angrier as he read. He decided to make the five hundred mile journey and pay a little visit to his family. After his arrival, he started to rant and rave about the harsh words he had received and in a fitting rage asked his family, "didn't my letter mean anything to you?", and the family responded, "you say that you have changed, but just a couple of words in a letter drove you all the way here."

This is what happens when you don't truly understand what you're feeling and why you react to them. Understanding is a start, but change doesn't come easy and takes some work. One way to move forward toward change is non-reaction. Every negative or difficult situation that arises, take it as an opportunity to resist reaction. Absorb what's happening and ask yourself, what am I learning from this situation. This is being pro-active and will help you deal with what life throws at you.

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