How to wash your hands and why!

We must all wash our hands frequently to prevent infection from flu viruses, salmonella, E.coli and other bacteria.

Good hygiene also prevents diarrhea and respiratory infections.

It's best to wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds in warm water, washing hands in hot water isn't going to kill all bacteria. Rubbing the hands together and scrubbing all surfaces, between fingers and under the nails.

Drying the hands is also important because bacteria thrive on wet surfaces, and when you dry your hands, use a disposable towel or clean towel. Use a toilet paper to turn off faucet. Very important to thoroughly wash hands before using the toilet, touching your privates with your infected hands, and even wiping yourself could lead to disease and even urinary tract infection...because when you arrive from outside, your hands may have come into contact with a contaminated surface from public places such as a subway and a bus or after you pet an animal.

While you prepare food, especially raw meat and poultry, it's best to wash before and after. Any surface that people touch could contain bacteria, whether it's the toilet or whether you're treating a wound or sneezing in your hands. So as a preventative measure, washing the hands with the steps mentioned above would significantly reduce any infection.

We can see now what Howie's going through each time someone's about to shake his hand !

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