I hear many complaining about how the law of attraction is a sham - but is it?

I had read a book twenty years ago that parallels the entire concept in the movie "the secret"; it was written by Dr. Joseph Murphy, it's called the "power of your subconscious mind". I ate it up, something deep within me felt there was truth to its claims. Reader of ancient scriptures, bible and philosophies; everything seemed to come together. I have met religious people who quickly knock the idea of the law of attraction down, which always leaves me amazed. They simply don't see that the very teachings in the Bible is what today's teachers are expressing in today's language. They fail to see that God is not omitted through these concepts but revealed.

So I read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind over and over until the very concept sunk into my brain, today my everyday lifestyle reflects the teachings I learned from this book. It is easy to comprehend and Dr. Murphy explains the law of attraction in such precise yet simplistic way, it's impossible not to get it. I also combined the teaching with other effective tools such as the "power of kabbalah".

Did I fail at times, hell ya! But that's alright, like riding a bicycle, you get right back up and get back on your path. When using the laws of the universe (the divine laws) I guarantee that your perception will gradually shift. You will get better and better at using the tools and seeing big changes in your life. I do better today than I did when I was first exposed to the The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and The Power of Kabbalah: Technology for the Soul By the time I saw the movie "the secret" it no longer was a secret. "So what's new!" I exclaimed, the presentation was. However it just scraped the surface, as a result it keeps you from its immense potential. I admit it was a good introduction for those who had never heard of it before, but like any book, an introduction alone doesn't suffice, you need the entire chapters and the conclusion to clearly understand.

"Scientists have proven that your thoughts travels 930,000 times faster than the speed of our voice. No other force or power in the Universe yet known is as

great or quick..."

There is a book out there that can help you harness the full potential and put it to work for you as it did for me. "the11forgotten laws" with the 11 laws, you'll be taken through all the chapters and given deeper insight. This work comes from Bob Proctor who was one of the teachers in the secret, but even he has admited to "The Movie Based on the Law of Attraction is Pop Culture Fluff!" and he gives in his work "the 11 forgotten laws". I think it would have been hours longer. I think they should have made series - personally. But in the meantime I found the 11 forgotten laws to be a immense help in understanding of this powerful tool.

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