Herbal Medicine

A lot of us use supplements as a source of nutrition which is lacking in our system, although there are some of us that use these supplements as a replacement for conventional medicine. With the non-natural ingredients found in todays medicine and all of its side-effects, to many turn to a more natural and safer choice. Though, that in itself could have side-effects as well, especially when taking around ten times the recommended allowance, it will result in overdosing and risk becoming toxic. To avoid this, we need to understand how the vitamins and minerals work. Water soluble vitamins pose no threat, since our system normally flushes out any excess, however, the fat soluble vitamins and minerals tend to build up in our fat cells over time and risk causing a host of problems. Therefore we should stay within the daily allowance required. Unless you are prescribed by a registered dietitian to take mega-doses of a certain supplement, the results may be at times life-threatening, especially if it's taken with conventional medicine as this can also create a dangerous drug interaction. Supplement in good health!

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