The supplementation of food

Why do people resort to using supplements. One of the reasons is because there's to much chemicals in our food. These foods, whether it be fruits and vegetables, processed food and even fast foods, unless they are grown and cultivated organically, they all contain some sort of chemical. These chemicals, which are undoubtedly harmful to our health, eliminate a certain percentage of the nutrients present in our foods. Therefore some people choose to replace them by taking supplements as a quick and easy solution to replenish our body depleted of nutrients. To make the use of supplements more effective, some companies tend to make them with enteric coating. Enteric-coated supplements are composed of fatty acids, waxes, cellulose acetates and other materials. Unlike other gelatin-based coatings, enteric coating is used to avoid the degradation of the nutrients contained in the capsule by the stomach's acidity and to allow them to dissolve in the small intestine. Though supplements are not a replacement to eating a well-balanced diet, they just cover the gaps left by non-organic and unhealthy foods.

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