To Colon Cleanse Or Not To Colon Cleanse

As discussed in the previous post about why we should do a colon cleanse, in this article we discuss the possible downsides of such a treatment.
First and foremost, our body has its own natural ability to remove waste. Second, our bowels contain natural chemicals and about a trillion organisms. The 500 species of bacteria make up a large amount of our feces and are very important in the battle against harmful bacteria. It is also important in the development of our immune system. The health consequences of eliminating the good bacteria can make us vulnerable to various diseases, colitis and even colon cancer.
The idea of colon cleansing dates back to the ancient Egyptians, it also has had its rejections by the medical community. The best method will remain to replenish the system with good bacteria and to eat non-toxic foods. Our body is organic, maybe allowing it to function in its natural way might be the best approach.

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