A Special 100th Post

I was told this story just a few days ago, which I would like to share with you, about a little girl and her favorite teacher. This 3-year-old little girl, currently in her first year in preschool, enjoys going to her school to play with her classmates, do fun activities and one of many reasons she enjoys going to school is to see her favorite teacher who so happens to be loved by all the kids.

One day, after returning from her preschool, as usual she discussed with her mother how her day went and the new stuff she learned that day. During nightfall, her mom gave her her bath, put on her PJ's and read her a book at bedtime. She finally fell asleep, in fact the mom had fallen asleep along side her. When she woke up, it was way past 2 am. She tucked the 3 year old under the warm blanket and stepped out of the dim lit bedroom, shutting the door behind her. Her husband already fast asleep and snoring, the house was completely dark. She literally had to feel her way to her bedroom to avoid turning on any lights.

Hours later, she suddenly opened her eyes and noticed a light. She got up and elbowed her husband, waking him and asking if he had gotten up in the night.  He said that he had not. The light was coming from the kitchen. Now a little past 3 am, she's wondering how the light came on, certain that no light had been on when she went to bed. Clearly remembering feeling herself on the walls of the hallway to make it to her bedroom. She was perplexed, she looked around the house and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Worried for a while, after all, it's somewhat mysterious especially in the middle of the night to see a light turn on by itself! She stayed up for about half an hour and then fell asleep again.

The next day, she goes about her usual routine and gets her daughter ready for school. When they arrive, the principal directs them into a different room and asks the mothers to meet her outside after dropping off the kids. And so they did. The principal then announced the sad passing of the beloved teacher. The mothers were shocked and in tears. It seemed hard on everyone as she was so loved and had taught at that school for 30 years. The children loved her and the parents now had to face breaking this news.

The 70-year-old teacher had passed away the same night the mysterious light had been discovered turned on by this 3-year-old's mother. However, what made this coincidence even more chilling is that when the mother asked the principal when exactly she had passed, she discovered that it was between 3 am and 4 am, exactly the time she had suddenly awakened to find the light turned on.

Would this be the teacher returning for a final goodbye? Perhaps did she visit all her students before finally departing to where souls go? Or is it just a coincidence that the light happened to suddenly turn on at approximately the same time of her death?

What do you think? Give your opinion as to what this could have been and also comment if you've experienced any mysterious event yourself.


Ellein said...

Seriously? coincidences don't exist...enough said.

jackk said...

As much as I may believe that the paranormal "may" exist, so do Coincidences, why go to this girl's house and open the light, and why not her bedroom's light?!!!

twitter.com/kimkardashianam said...

It could be anything, however the spirit world exists, specially with stories from other people and what they have experienced, and to answer jackk , the teacher's spirit is not going to open the light in her room , you don't want to wake her up now do you!

...Kim Translator