Overlooked Superfoods

Here are some superfoods that are sometimes overlooked because we may think that the only foods that are good for us and contain a lot of nutrients are the expensive and exotic kind. Here's a list of some superfoods that are affordable and readily available:

Quinoa---Very high in protein, vitamin E, iron, fibre, calcium. An alternative to rice.
Cranberries---Has antioxidant benefits, also vitamins A and C.
Pumpkin---High in beta-carotene, vitamin A. Seeds are packed with magnesium and plant proteins.
Legumes---They have proteins, fibre, omega-6 fatty acids and it doesn't raise blood sugar levels.
Kale---Packed with antioxidants, sulforaphane and indoles which prevent cancer.
Garlic,chives,leeks,shallots,scallions---They contain flavonoids which help eliminate toxins and carcinogens. Allium family vegetables help reduce cholesterol and lower the risk of blood clots.
Beets---High in folate and manganese, also contains betaine which fights inflammation.
Prunes---Help in the absorption of iron, they don't raise the blood sugar levels. Packed with neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid which help in the prevention of cell damage.
Cocoa in chocolates---Full of flavonoids to fight heart disease and stroke. Although not all chocolate is beneficial, only dark chocolate has these nutrients and it is recommended for it to contain at least 70 per cent cocoa.
Cinnamon---Have plenty of antioxidants.
Hot peppers like cayenne and ground red pepper---Contain capsaicin.
Allspice, cloves, ginger, oregano, sage---Full of antioxidants.

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