Where's your water coming from?

A list of contaminants you may have in your drinking water:

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, arsenic, lead, mercury, methane, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, industrial and agricultural waste, sewage, pharmaceuticals, radioactive substances.

Sometimes you may taste or smell these contaminants to be able to avoid drinking the water, however most of them don't have any smell, color or taste. But there are certain ways to detect problems in your water supply and resolve them:

Any unusual smell or taste, recurring intestinal or other health problems, old lead pipes, toxic dumps, corroding water treatment supplies.
Ask your local water supplier for information about the contaminants present in your water system.
Run water for about 60 seconds prior to use.
Replace corrosive pipes and other systems.
Remove accumulated dirt from faucets and shower heads and also the filter cartridge as recommended by the manufacturer of the water filtration device.

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