Guilty as charged!

Unless it is dripping with hot saucy chocolate, I might not reach for that strawberry. And I'm not alone, about 9% of Americans have trouble eating their fruits. I am guilty of not having my daily fruits, so I drink them instead!

Make sure to check for low sugar content however, when buying fruit juices. Best practice would be to drink freshly made fruit juices, use frozen yogurt and frozen fruits to create delicious frothy thick blended smoothies. Drinking freshly made juices and smoothies also helps the body absorb far more vitamins then it would if you ate whole fruits.

So if you're like me and have trouble eating at least five fruits each day, you'll definitely enjoy your smoothies and juices, it's a simple, fun and easy option. And after tasting a heavenly blueberry and banana blend, you'll soon forget that chocolate sauce!

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