The Power of your subconscious mind

A look back at "the Secret".
It was a great documentary film, well made and captured the attention of many worldwide. Quenched a thirst within us all - but not for long. The hype is gone, the interest has faded, many tried and failed to make the "secret" work for them. Why? Anything based on getting, will eventually fade. To live an abundant and fulfilling life, you must first give. When you learn to cultivate the inner powers that is already within you, you begin to move away from the "ego" that always wants and tap into your soul that knows what you need. You open the channels to the Source from which we come from.

The power is within you, the Source is everywhere and at our reach, it's no secret, and Dr. Joseph Murphy explains the power of the subconscious best. Follow this link to find out more about the power of your subconscious mind.

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