The Journey of Pregnancy - A body, mind, spirit adventure that should be stress free.

A precious time in life that bring countless changes to your mind, body and spirit. It is a time where a woman connects more deeply with the flow of life and begins to feel the power of the energy that makes all life possible. 

It is also a time where many changes occur to the body, our belly doesn't seem to be the only thing growing, and with hormones causing mood swings, women feel both joy and anxieties about their pregnancy. The first months can bring morning sickness, while the second trimester can bring worries to many, and worse, fear. As these are the months where initial tests are done ensuring baby's health. In recent years I have personally heard more and more cases of women, worrying sick, crying over abnormal tests and risks of genetic defects possibly affecting their baby. With the concerns over amniocentesis and the risks involved, and the unknown that often can cause more stress than anything else, women need a way out of this dark place and find serenity and peace of mind.

As a pregnant woman myself, I have found that talking and expressing my worries and concerns has helped me release much of that stress. I am both surprised and humbled at the pouring of love and comfort from fellow women. I encourage any women having questions and concerns about their pregnancy not to dwell on the negative scenarios but openly talk about them with their family and friends. Some women feel they need to keep it to themselves, but this will only create more inner stress and that's no good for both you and the baby. 

You should always expect the best, while be prepared for any problems. Separate yourself from whatever issues causing you to worry excessively. When negative thoughts arise, acknowledge them and then let them flow away, refocus your attention to your breath and slowly shift your thoughts to a place of surrender, filling your heart with feelings of joy and goodness. Easier said than done right? Well here are three practices that have helped me shift my thoughts and find peace of mind and harmony.

1. Sharing with other women, keeping it all to yourself creates a heavy burden and you don't need to be alone. Other women are always ready to bring comfort and great insights that can ease your stress and worries.

2. A guided meditation will always bring an immense serenity . Often with stress and work and family matters, our thoughts become fragmented. Guided meditation, easily found on utube, will always bring a much welcomed calming effect. 15 to 20 minutes long guided meditations are best. You will come out of them refreshed, re-energized with a renewed faith. Guided meditation re-activates positive feelings.

3. Surround yourself of beauty. Tidy up and make your place clutter free and give it a touch of life with fresh flowers, add scented candles, especially lavender, orange blossoms and chamomile which are recommended by experts to sooth the mind and body. You can reduce stress simply by inhaling the sweet smell of an orange. Filling your space with the natural aroma of these three fragrances will harmonize your body, mind and spirit. 

I wish every pregnant woman a wonderful and trouble free journey. Remember not to be afraid to share, pamper yourself, and experience quiet meditation when ever possible - scratch that -  make time on your schedule for a deep guided meditation.

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