The Power of Numbers

I'm sure you've heard about the power of your subconscious mind, the understanding of how to use your subconscious mind can help you accomplish great things such as overcoming procrastination, healing yourself, obtaining the job you want and much more.

There are also other tools that can help you understand your weaknesses and strengths. By being aware of them you can be better equipped to make positive changes in your life. Numerology is one of these tools. Ever wondered why you experience pain in the face of timidity? Or why you tend to jump head on into the fire and wonder why you get burned? Well, with numerology, you can go deeper and discover your inherent personality becoming more conscious of yourself. Doing so, you can be more forgiving of downfalls and more readily accept to make changes.

I have studied the Chaldean-Hebrew Kaballah numerical alphabet for years and I can say it is the one I would recommend to anyone, and there are many schools out there. One of the best authors that brought us such in depth explanations of the secrets of Numerology among many other mysteries such as "magnetic power points", "the laws of Karma", "the synchronicity of the Universe" is Linda Goodman. The pages of her book Star Signs which I own, are falling apart, I've referred to it so often through out the years. I highly recommend it if you are a student on the subject of metaphysical studies.

Here are some of the meanings of numbers; people born under the following numbers are:

#1: Protector and defender of the week. Extremely generous when appreciated. Enjoy luxury.

#5: They crave excitement and believe in the magic of life. Writing, and public relations experts. Very detailed.

#9: What you see is what you get. Childlike quality. Determined and self-assertive. Very generous.

Linda Goodman's Star Signs

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