What the "Bleep" do I know?

Today I sat and listened to two friends who were visiting, exchange back and forth on the subject of spiritual connections, the subconscious levels of the human mind and quantum physics. The conversation spiraled upwards and got very exciting, from the possibilities of parallel universes to deeper spiritual realities, well, I suddenly felt myself in a bubble, as previous daily preoccupations became a distant foggy place - out there. But the bubble burst at the sound the phone ringing.

The friends finished their latte and eventually left. It was a nice and much needed visit that brought an energy around me I seemed to have forgotten. I became fully conscious once again about how we can influence our material world. And also how little we still know about the universe we live in.  I was reminded of a film, often criticized for misrepresenting science, but one that had struck a chord with many, including myself. To say the least, it was very entertaining. And sometimes we need a bit of food for thought while being entertained. "What the bleep do we know?" does that. A documentary style, new age alternative spirituality type film released back in 2004, is worth mentioning again, and well since my recent visitors had once again raised the question what the #@#^ do we know anyway?

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