I had to wake up earlier than usual this morning to attend a networking meeting for my business. At first I didn't feel like going having been feeling a bit under the weather, I would have preferred sleeping in, but the breakfast meeting was paid for and It was best that I went.

To prepare, I got up fifteen minutes earlier and used that time to be still. I did some deep breathing exercises and cleared my head of everything, focusing solely on my breathing. Mornings are a great time to do this exercise, it's quiet outside and everyone else was still asleep at my house. I could hear the birds twitting and watched the sun's first rays emerging. That fifteen minutes energized me and when I came out of that meditative state, I felt completely awake and ready to take on the day.

I drove to the Hyatt, where the meeting was taking place, smiling. Everything around looked fresh and beautiful, the trees, the flowers, I seemed to notice it all. People that greeted me were warm and genuine, I enjoyed every word we exchanged and I was so present in the moment. One thing I had not yet prepared was my minute speech. Still I didn't think about it, what was amazing though, is that having had that wonderful quiet time, and being so open to other people, helped my creative process. Suddenly my thoughts exploded with ideas and I finally scribbled down my short presentation. It was well received, and the reaction was well worth it.

I am glad I didn't stay home this morning, I had the opportunity to meet other great business owners and made a few good contacts. The simple act of taking time to be still and enter a quiet meditative state can do wonders to your body, mind and spirit. I left the meeting happy and with a strong feeling of accomplishment. All because I gave time to myself earlier. I could have rushed my way out the door, tired and yawning and surely this low energy would have shown and be picked up by others. Never underestimate the power of meditation, and remember that when you smile, the world smiles back and your day's experience will turn out splendid.

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