The Power of Letting Go

There are days where you feel every planet is aligned, the universe is perfect and all great things are coming your way. Then just when you feel you've overcome your fears and anxieties, you're struck with a wave of emotions like a bolt of lightning out of nowhere. It's what I experienced today, and in that instant I heard Dr. Wayne Dyers words encouraging me to separate myself from the negative feelings and understand that it's not who I am.

I did just that, and in the midst of it all, I found myself witnessing my own drama while reasoning at the same time that it was momentary, and that it was okay to live through it, in a conscious way that is. This ensured me that the sudden episode of depression wouldn't last. So I let go. Letting my tears flow in abundance down my cheek, salty and warm as they reached my lips which were mumbling words to heaven like a love song to God. Yes, sounds so dramatic, but at that time my desperation in the face of recent difficult situations I was going through, called for a little prayer. Once I was done crying though, I took a long breath and felt refreshed. It was kind of like having been in a thundering cold storm and finally came home to soothing hot shower. I had once heard the expression that "God gave us tears to wash our pain away", and it did feel that way. With all those bad and negative emotions out of the way, a wonderful calm came over me. I was able to regain my reason, and made the decision to simply let go and let my worries and fears float away into the universe, like letting go of fiery red balloons up in the air. I could physically feel the difference in my body, bubbly good feelings in hues of soft pastel filled my lungs every breath I took, I felt cleansed.

Letting go is powerful, but also very hard sometimes. What makes it so hard is this need we have to control our destiny, and when we can't, we become frustrated, fearful and angry. We get so attached to imagined outcomes which we create thinking this will prepare us and protect us. Letting go of these outcomes we imagine and we're so attached too keeps truth hidden behind veils of illusions. Letting the Infinite Universe take over however, is like slowly getting rid of these veils and letting the light into our life. We become stronger and more conscious, and we begin to realize that nothing is lost, but everything  has its reason and place. Trust the journey, live through the emotions in a conscious way, but always say goodbye to them by letting go, for only then can you open up your heart and life to greater possibilities.

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