The Secret to Happiness.

When you're waiting for answers, weeks seem like months, the hands of the clock never seem to be moving, time stands still and we marinade in our anxieties of tomorrow or our disappointments of yesterday. When you're anxious about something, your mind races, wishing to be there already, there where the answer lies. But it never gets there because there is in the future and all you have at this point in time is now. The present moment is your ultimate sanctuary of peace, when you realize and learn to be in the moment, rather than let your thinking go in the directions of ifs, "if I had the answer", "If I was there", "If I owned this or that", "if I made more money" etc... when you prevent your mind from wandering this way, and instead bring your thoughts back to the present, you find that inner peace, you become conscious.
Now is reality, the rest are illusions and when you live in illusions, you shut the door to the present where peace resides. The secret to happiness is knowing how to enjoy the moment you're in, and then even that moment is gone. But in that moment, you were alive and fully conscious of your "Self". Your real "Self". You were nor in the future with wishful thinking, nor in the past reminiscing. Neither can bring any comfort today.
Only Now exists.

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