Today's Affirmation

Your mind is like a computer and just as commands and scripts program a computer so do affirmations program your mind. Daily affirmations help your mind focus on your immediate goals, this makes your conscious mind begin planting the seed deep into your subconscious which then takes charge. It is at your subconscious level that old habits are broken and new ones come in and transform your behaviors. Your new behaviors match your goals and reshape your life, and that's when you see your goals being reached. Affirmation made things happen.

Here's a very important tip to help you succeed with affirmations. Always affirm in the present tense. It is far more effective to say for example: "I AM rich" rather than "I will be rich" which only signifies intent but not action. Affirming in the present tense, and feeling it prompts the subconscious mind to make things happen "now".

Today's affirmations focus on "NOW"
"I am calm."
"I have and am working in my dream job"
"I am successful in everything that I do"
"I am appreciated"...

Experience Your Good Now!: Learning to Use Affirmations

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