So what's your real age anyway?

Buying this book was the best thing I've ever done for myself, my body, my mind, my overall well-being.

People (women) will go through such lengths to look younger. They will do anything to hide those wrinkles. I can't say the sudden appearance of my own laughter lines don't bother me, in fact it disturbs me, but I wasn't going to fall in the hopeless world of botox, face lift, creams and face masks. Aging is inevitable, so I thought, until I learned more about my body by reading Dr Roizen and Dr Oz's very entertaining yet informative book You-staying young

"... energy fields. It's part of medicine that we don't fully understand, this relationship between the energy inside the cell and the energy outside the cell. It's the energy that allows us the see force fields in electromagnetic photographs of an amputee's 'phantom linmbs' in the place where the limbs once were. It's the energy that allows one part of the body to have an effect on another, even though there seems to be no clear chemical connection-for instance, through acupuncture or reflexology. And if you hang around long enough, we might even identify an underlying energy to prayer. It's these energy fields-your life force, your chi, your intangible aura-that we believe will be the next great frontier of medicine. Your nerve cells, in fact, touch stem cells in the liver, which might explain a more direct connection between the mind and self healing..."

~  You: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty page 79.

Reaching the big 4-0 gave me a slight anxiety attack, the same feeling I had when I turned thirty however the reasons of my anxiety were different then. At forty, I realized I had to move my book a bit back and forth to find the right distant to focus my eyes. When I climbed the stairs because the escalator wasn't working that day, I felt short of breath. The mirror on the wall clearly announced I wasn't the fairest of them all with wrinkles showing more around the eyes and mouth. But I soon learned that aging and all the known issues that come with it doesn't just happen to us. Like everything in life every effect has a cause, and when we discover the cause, understand them and know the ways to change them, we empower ourselves. By taking control of our bodies, we control our health and how we age. Yes we can live longer and healthy! With You: Staying Young I have gained a better understanding of my body on many levels.

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