Are my boys wuss-like?

I overheard a stranger who insisted upon a point: “moms, these days are creating boys that are “wuss-ified!” Being a mom of two boys, I placed myself on a witness stand to be judged by my-self. As if I were on trial, my bear heart surged. Simultaneously, defensive thoughts arose to protect my ego.

Yes, I adore polite communication with a gentleman, of any age. I encourage talking through anger, and I even ask the boys to walk away from a violent person. I say, “Don’t fight back; just walk away.” Also, I praise a lion for being kind-hearted. This may-be a cause for “wuss-ification.” As for physical endurance, they are average (age-strength basis.) Americans show a decline in body mass, as they are digitally inclined to master 2010 gaming / entertainment environments. Kids are strong-minded, educational fiends who love Americanized media

Holistically, you could extend the average to include all humanity and ageless capabilities, empowered by spiritual strength, and then you would never call them a “wuss!” Ready, willing, and able to work and learn. I believe my kids and others of this century are powerfully helpful, intelligent and durable.
Also, the emotional quotient of my boys is prepared to endure physical training (on most days.)

Definite need for improvement! Besides one sport per kid, kids need more activities to physically keep fit. I am adding daily stretches to our morning routine.

What do you think? Is this stranger spot-on? Are moms creating “wuss-ified” kids? Do you think dads are creating “wuss-ified” kids? Moms and Dads are setting an example of a human that is challenged to balance, that is strong and that is ready to learn and work. It is beautiful to see the role of a parent from a distance. Though, kids’ interpretations are vast and complicated… So, do you think parents are setting an appropriate role model? Do we rely on school, too much, for physical education?

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