The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone

For years we've heard of the many diets people go on to loose weight, the kind diet is not about giving up food to loose the weight but it's about eating healthy, feeling healthy and looking healthy while being conscious of where your food is coming from. 

Twenty years ago I decided to become a vegetarian, I welcomed the challenge and enjoyed it but that was the wrong reason to start it, and therefore I failed and six years later I begun eating meat again. It is only these past years that I flirted with the idea of going vegetarian again, this time because I found it would help my wallet, and it did; so why have I gone back to eating meat again? 

Well meat is an important part to a healthy diet but now I have vowed to buy grass fed animal meat. I still eat less than the average person, due to the cost of organic meat, but I still buy it. After watching Food Inc. my eyes finally opened, completely, I should add for I did have an idea about the animal cruelty which exists in the industry but so much more information made my understanding clearer when I watched Food Inc. Today The Kind Diet has become part of my library books because it helps me continue on my path to healthy living.

I am saddened at how so many still refuse to see the truth about the meat industry, and of the food industry world wide in general. I suggest each person make the effort to visit their farmer's market, ask questions and know where your food is coming from. Small steps toward eliminating fast foods, and cooking more at home can make a very big difference in the long run. Learn about the pesticides used on your fruits and vegetables, they are harmful there's no denying it. A recent research shows how our girls are reaching puberty at ages as early as seven, and the one of the harmful result of this being breast cancer. Just a little bit of inquiry in these subjects will bring an avalanche of crucial information that will startle you and hopefully awaken you to making better choices.

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