Exploring the Yogi Tea in search of relaxation and stress relief

I came across Yogi tea a while ago but I didn't buy it, I wish I had. But after passing by the shelves several times and being drawn by the beautiful colorful packaging that stood out among the countless other tea products, I finally caved and decided to try one that fit my need at the time. Each package has a specific purpose, from healthy fasting, stress relief to super antioxidant and more. I grabbed the one cleverly named Mother-to-be which promotes healthy pregnancy with up to seven herbs - all organic. The reason I opted for the Yogi tea is that it was the only one that had one of the herbs I was searching for and could not find in all other tea brands. Alright I admit, as a graphic artist, I admired the aesthetics of the packaging design and was drawn by it, but let's face it, in the end I was so glad to finally had found the ingredient I was looking for.

So I decided to give Yogi Tea a try.

I was pleasantly surprised. I read the Yogi principles stated on the side of the package and the little yoga exercise on the opposing side was an added touch. Each caffeine-free tea bag is carefully packed in a pink recycled paper which reveals the soothing aroma upon tearing it. I pull it out to dip it in my boiling water and finally sit down to enjoy it. As I bring the cup to my lips, I suddenly notice the dangling paper at the end of the tea bag string; it had an inspirational message and it read: "When a mind is backed with will, miracles happen." How perfectly appropriate. I drank my tea and enjoyed every sip to the last drop, the captivating aroma and delicious flavor combined with the Yogi inspiration made my tea time experience calming and purposeful. Is it any wonder their tag line is "Goodness with a purpose". I am enjoying a cup as I write this post. I know I will have a good night sleep that's for sure!

I happily recommend this tea brand: Yogi Bedtime

For some fun inspirations, visit their website here.

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