Mind over matter. A matter of visualisation.

Did you know your body is a healer? Yes it is, and knowing this is the first step in making visualisation work. We've all witness the simple act of our body healing a cut, and we shouldn't deny the wisdom of the body and its abilities. 

We do have to be sometimes active participants, and visualisation will help you beat the blues,change your bad habits, alleviate pain and boost your mood and confidence. So how do you do visualisation?

1. Find a quiet place where you know you will not be disturbed, if you're not overly tired you may choose your bed and practice visualisation right before falling asleep. In fact this is preferable as your thoughts and imagery will sink deeper into your subconscious this way. 

2. Depending on what you want accomplished, choose your imagery. For example if you want relief from pain (and tired of depending on over the counter medication) you can visualize a healing blue or white light running from the location of the pain to the center of your brain where it is dissipating. If you are feeling depressed, visualize yourself in a place which brings you the most peace and tranquility, perhaps the beach or a beautiful garden, and see yourself there as if you are outside yourself, acknowledge yourself there and your feelings while remaining as a separate entity from the you who is feeling depressed, dissociate yourself. If you are anxious over a job interview, visualize yourself already having the job and having a successful and productive day. We can rejuvenate every cell in our body, overcome the flu and really take control of our lives by understanding the power of mind over matter.

3. Don't force the imagery, if it seems hard at first, simply go into deep breathing. Slowing inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Just relaxing and clearing the mind is a good way to begin your visualisation.

You can do wonders when you learn and master your mind. Yes you can be a mastermind! By the way, you know when you're standing in line somewhere and someone asks you "do you mind if I cut in front of you?" if you answer yes I mind, really you are saying go ahead, for as you mind it will come to pass. If you don't mind it will not come to pass. Harness the power of your mind beginning with these simple visualisation exercises and remember if you don't mind, it will not matter (materialize).

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