Power walked my way out of depression

After going through a terrible loss this Summer, I found myself with a pretty low moral. I looked forward to sleeping early in the evening to shut down, and it became a difficult task to wake up in the mornings without feeling an empty sick void in the pit of my stomach.

While I gave myself permission and time to grieve, it slowly turned into a depressive mood. I still had to function for my family's sake but couldn't shake the blues. I was no longer excited about anything. No longer looking forward to my day. I didn't want to see anyone, and avoided gatherings. I felt no joy in my heart. I soon became the characters portrayed in those depression commercials selling some drug solution (with over fifty side effects). I never believed in being medicated, but maybe I needed something. My doctor gave me resources for therapists I could see but I didn't want to talk to anyone.

One morning as I opened my eyes to stare at the same colorless walls, waiting for my mind to resume its habitual negative thinking, I couldn't stay another second in the bed. I rebelled against my own thoughts, I wanted to shut them down and so I got up and put on an old pair of jeans, and a jacket over my pajama top and stepped out into the crisp morning air. It was 6am. I begun to walk, and walk faster and faster. I turned the corner and decided to venture to the other side of the road into another neighborhood. The new sites, and even distinct smells triggered a switch in my brain and I begun to feel good. Then as soon as I was feeling a bit better, I started crying, tears rolled down from beneath my "Jackie O" style sunglasses. But after this sudden outburst of emotions, which I hoped the other early bird joggers didn't notice, I felt really good.

I got hooked on that feeling, and I couldn't go a morning without my power walk. Up the hills, feeling my heart pump, down the hills, feeling blissfully re-energized, I would come home thirty to forty-five minutes later to wash away the sweat I would build up in a soothing hot shower. I slowly power walked my way out of my depressive state. I still go walking today, and the wonders it does is unbelievable. One step at a time, one day at a time, the simple act of taking a walk did wonders for my mind, and my thighs, and it can do wonders for you.


Joelle Valente said...

To those of you who are hurting, it's time to throw away that pain...You've got to keep on dancin' even when it rains...

Contributor said...

Beautifully said, thank you for sharing those words.