"Texting" while Driving is Deadly, So Does Mainstream Have a Death Wish?

Dangerous driving seems to be the norm: driving an automobile while "texting," eating while driving, looking away from the road and controlling wheels with your hands, screaming at your children to "calm down!" This lack of regard for safety makes chewing gum while jump-roping look safe.

Text messaging is a great way to communicate quickly with work, family and friends. An "on the go" instant message is brilliant, but you must use your eyes and hands to send a message. This begs a question... Why do some people think it is o.k. to send a text message while they are actively driving?

Westlake Village and all Conejo Valley cares about living more than "texting."

Even if you are not a local, you will be fined in California for "texting" and driving. Although it is legal in many states across America, the dangers are still obvious. This "texting" habit is rampant! Driving with no eyes and hears, people are killing others and committing suicide to connect to their "peeps."

Oprah has an informative site tapping into this No-Texting-and-Driving initiative, click and read about the national plague: "texting" while driving More on America's New Deadly Obsession

Is this dangerous life choice a marker for a shared lack of consciousness? Many people are driving their bodies into the ground to keep up with the mainstream.

Living without connection to Universal Truths is just as dangerous as "texting" while driving.

Truth is obvious. Connecting to truth is easy, but it is not popular. You can actually live more fully within truth. Accepting truths leads to empowered living. Denying yourself of truth is deadly.

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