The cure for cancer has been discovered... in 1928

Thanks to I've been discovering many interesting documentary films I would have never known about otherwise. One recent documentary I've watched fascinated me enough to send me to amazon and purchase the book about the therapy it talked about. I have asked many friends and acquaintances around me about it and no one had heard of it, I am surprised that after 42 years, I am just finding this out, after all the therapy has been around for years as has the Institute in San Diego which treats patients using this therapy.

" The cure for cancer has been discovered... in 1928 " is the opening statement from the documentary film The Gerson Miracle. Another more recent film called Beautiful Truth also is all about the Gerson Therapy. Dr Max Gerson's work involves a diet of organic fruits and vegetables that has cured many illnesses including cancer, with case files and testimonials. His work is now continued by his daughter Charlotte who established the Gerson institute in San Diego in 1977. Many books have been written, seminars are given and today many such institutes are being opened in Europe, Mexico and Asia.

Goodbye radiation, and chemotherapy which really kills patients, hello to the natural Gerson Therapy which is based on two main principles: detoxification of the body and restoring nutrients which are deficient. The treatments however are not as simple and need to be followed in details in order to see results. Many have said to have recovered from cancer due to the Gerson Therapy, I myself have not needed such therapy but I would follow the Gerson diet moderately if only to maintain a good health.

So what exactly is the Gerson Therapy? In a few words, flooding the body with nutrients through fruits and vegetable juices and the detoxification of the body with coffee enemas, yes you heard me correctly, coffee is to be avoided at all cost according to the Gerson way but used for enemas, is very beneficial. The book The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses is filled with information, a background about Dr Gerson and details of what to eat and what to avoid. Someone looking for an alternative way to heal the cancer that traditional methods have failed to cure, might consider a visit to the Gerson Institute. Watching The Gerson Miracleand The Beautiful Truthis highly recommended to learn more in detail about the Gerson Therapy and hear from people who have used the therapy successfully.

Charlotte is well over 80 today but she looks years younger, it is obvious that her way of life, the Gerson way, has played a key role in keeping her in good health inside and out. The Gerson Therapy is not about medicating yourself, and should be information that everyone is aware of to have the chance to decide for themselves.

So I ask myself, if there have been proven cases that this therapy works in curing cancer and other illnesses, why are doctors not paying any attention, pushing chemo and medications?  Perhaps the answer is sadly all to clear, and you already know it.


Anonymous said...

Of course we know the reason. The pharmaceutical companies can't make money without selling their expensive chemo drugs.

Maria said...

I agree with Anonymous. Oncology is such a HUGE industry now, why would they want to find a cure?

Liam414 said...

It is a sad testimony that this blog isn't buzzing with interest and controversy. Where are the doctors, nurses, dietitians, therapists?

I hope this personally-held manifesto shakes things up:

"Healing each other is a profoundly sacred and yet, down-to-earth, act. It should, in no way, be attached to the veiled corruptions inherent in serve-serving 'profession.'"

I'd rather spend tax dollars on creating awareness and access to fantastic organic diets... rather than upon drones and missiles designed to rip sacred lives to pieces. Yes. There are those that would destroy us... largely because we play to fear, power, force, competition, privilege and domination... instead of standing up for sacredness, life, collaboration, equality and true freedom.

Wake up Earthlings... before your mental, emotional and spiritual "dis-eases" destroy the opportunity to do so.