Another year, another resolution to lose weight? Try meditation.

It's 2011 and like any other year, some of us start by making new year's resolutions. One of the most popular resolution, besides stop smoking, making more money, is to lose weight by planning and implementing or at least trying to implement a weight loss diet program.

There are so many weight loss diets that exist out there, and people have been exposed to all the hype and marketing of these systems and products, including a ton of exercise equipments.

But how about losing weight through meditation?

Most recently Deepak Chopra was invited on the Doctor Oz show to discuss about a method of losing those extra pounds by a good session of meditation, portion control, will power and self regulation. He stated that we eat for a couple of reasons, for physical hunger and emotional hunger, in which the latter makes us gain weight. We should ask ourselves, are we eating because we're hungry or we're simply feeding our bodies for a totally different reason? He says "It's always best to eat when we are hungry and stop when we feel great." Meditation affects the level of our minds, where it is quiet and in effect raises our metabolism. It becomes in homeostasis state where it begins to self-regulate. In our daily lives when we get stressed we create more steroids and in turn drive our belly fat to multiply. In fact through meditation, chemicals are sent to sooth this process and stop the accumulation of fat in the belly, hence we're losing weight.

Therefore if 2011 calls you to make a new resolution to finally lose that weight, consider meditation, it may seem out there but it works. So if you missed the show last week, here are the direct links where Deepak Chopra walks us through the steps of the Weight Loss Meditation from the Dr.Oz show:
1st video 
2nd video 
Also, Web Exclusive: Deepak's Meditation


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