Everyday Grace-My Book Review

"Most of us wouldn't think of beginning our day without washing the accumulated dirt from the day before off our bodies. Yet far too often we go out into the day without similarly cleansing our minds..." from Everyday Gracep76.

I enjoyed reading this book by the #1 New York times best selling author and lecturer Marianne Williamson, to me it is a reminder that miracles do happen.

Everyday Graceguides us back to a place where we used to be enchanted, and a time when we weren't afraid to wave our magic wand or make a wish upon a star. Unlike many other books that have temporarily occupied my bedside table, this one I carried with me often to coffee shops or waiting rooms much like a comfort blanket a child takes along everywhere he goes. Every page I turned had content that tickled my mind and opened my heart. This book will help you reconnect with your spirit, and the practices suggested by Marianne will bring only positive change.

Living more with a spiritual perspective, learning to let go of fear and once again, not only believing in the power of prayer, but also understanding why it works truly shifts our perception. Marianne teaches us that we deserve to have miracles, peace and Everyday Grace. Change can occur through meditation and prayer, and can only take place on a level of consciousness. This book shows us how and I believe many can benefit from reading Everyday Grace.


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