Acknowledging Fitness Needs and Learning to Ski through Parenting-Life

Yoga Parent:

I challenge my physical body to keep up with youthful bodies. The motive, for increasing my physical strength and endurance, is to evolve into a parent that lives in the moment.

Kids are living in the moment and enjoying it as much as possible. For example, kids run until out of breath for the fun of it. Enjoying the moment - feeling like a kid, makes parenting seem like skiing a bunny hill.

My goal as a parent:
Be a positive influence; motivate, encourage and empower kids to achieve.

I snowplowed through life-parenting for 
a few toddler years. Despite the adjustments, to slow my knee-jerk reactions, focusing on intentions provided perfect motivation to alter impulses. Once set upon a positive intent, I am ready for a groomed slope.

Learning to balance: parenting and living with positive intent. Please, send your mind… Submit a comment.

~ Christy Camp, RYTT


Anonymous said...

I'm an amateur and avid skiier. I use trainin to strengthen the back and legs for skiing. There are also supplements for frostbites.
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YogaParent said...

Thanks for the note. Stretch and strengthen your core, also. Positively charged with energy and will, your core will utilize your back and legs. You will soar on the slopes.