“Pst…” “Pstd...” “PTSD…” Can You Hear Your Body Talking?

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a straight forward title for one of the most underhanded maladies. Symptoms are common enough to cause almost everyone with a touch of PTSD to “sh” their body instead of listening. Among those symptoms listed by the psychiatric association are intense fear, helplessness or horror; recurrent nightmares and flashbacks; irritability, anger outbursts, heightened startle response; and avoidance of events, people or places associated with the trauma. Among the symptoms of PTSD,
I found feelings that are common to being a parent. Many fears and anxieties plague parents; however, some re-play without direction. As a parent, I relate with many symptoms of PTSD. I felt a tremendous relief, as I study triggers and therapies for PTSD. For example, I am learning to control my impulse to “prepare for the worst.” I have one of the common ailments of PSTD---an over-active adrenal gland. Memories of pain and trauma can cause my body to re-live an experience; and I sub-consciously avoid situations that may put me at risk of pain; and, I use defensive tactics to prevent my involvement. Now, I understand my body to say, “Let go of that experience.” Staying present is achievable; challenging, but achievable.

Some feelings of anxiety are natural stress from growth as a person and as a parent. Other feelings that range in intensity to full panic and depression; these reoccurring pains and emotions could be signals from your body that need attention. Your body may simply be asking for more relaxation and less stress, which is the ultimate cure for most disorders and maladies including PTSD.

Once again, yoga is helping me live happier and be a better parent. Calming my mind and centering my thoughts allows my body to recover well-being. Practicing yoga allows breathing and movement to connect my body mind and spirit. Balance of body mind and spirit allows contentment and an enjoyable stream of consciousness. An emotional link to my mental capacity can keep my stream of consciousness in a loop of despair, OR I can listen to my body and control my mind.
Consider yourself lucky, if you are able to hear your body talking. Please, leave your thoughts about PTSD and body talk. Learning to balance

Christy Camp, RYTT

PTSD shows up in parents of kids with cancer
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