It's "I Want You To Be Happy Day"

Today's not a day to focus on ourselves but to find ways to make someone happy. The "I want you to be happy" day. I tried to find out how, where or when this quirky little Holiday originated but couldn't find the answer. I can only understand the why. Why NOT want someone to be happy? If only we lived each day, not just March 3rd, wanting to make others happy. Imagine, waking every morning next to your spouse, lover, significant other and thinking "how do I make this person I love happy today?"- Instead of focusing on "what has he/she done for me lately!"

Well, I've tried it, and it works wonders! The natural reaction of anyone being on the receiving end of your smile, your kind words, your generous gesture or how ever way you choose to make the other person happy, is reciprocation. It's common sense, it should be the name of a new religion we all live by "Common Sense".

Don't you just have so much more joy when you give a gift and see the smile on that persons face? Their surprise and gratitude is priceless. I can honestly say, I get far more jitters when I know I will be surprising someone with a special gift than when I am the one receiving a gift.

So go out and create joy for yourself - Do something to make someone else happy!
Here's 32 ways to help you get started: From Zen Habits

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