Manifest your Destiny with “Life Lessons” for Your Inner Child

Yoga Parent:

My inner child is the master of my destiny. After talking or meditating with my inner child a few minutes, I am such a better parent and person. My inner child has great wisdom and insight into discovery and beliefs…
I believe desires dictate destiny. Sometimes, I see how I am living out desires from childhood. Acknowledging my inner child's desires allows me to live with greater consciousness.

I look for patterns in my dreams and behavior. Tracing my desires and patterns of behavior to discover my dreams is a lifetime’s challenge. “Life Lesson(s)” are discovered to be lessons that take a lifetime to learn, OR “Life Lessons” can involve re-living a choice or opportunity until I learn the lesson. Sometimes, I am balanced and fortunate enough to see the lessons - I am conscious of my sub-conscious at that point in the time.

A quote spoken by Bill Murray as Groundskeeper, in Cady Shack best reveals how I used to think of “total consciousness.” The Groundskeeper talked with the Dalai Lama and carried his golf clubs for him. He reflected on their conversation…. He said, “Soes I ask him, Yo Lama, a little something for the effort? And, he says to me, ‘Upon your death-bed, you will receive total consciousness.’ So I’ve got that going for me... Which is nice.”

Watch this clip from you tube, to hear it said with eloquence.
\"Total Consciousness\" by Bill Murray on You Tube
Bill Murray's delivery of this quote always gives me a laugh and a better perspective on life. I ask myself, what would you hear or see in ‘total consciousness’… ‘Upon my death-bed…?’ What would you say to your inner child, after seeing a glimpse at total consciousness?

Learning to see with my mind, body and spirit, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Christy Camp, RYTT

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