Information that changed my life.

These days we hear a great deal about 2012. Several scenarios of the phenomenon are presented to us in many forms. Through movies depicting the end of the world, extensive analysis of Mayan calendars and predictions, television documentaries of natural disasters threatening our lives - overall apocalyptic views. If Sara Palin runs for the next election and wins in 2012, I can imagine, that alone, being a profound prophecy of the end as we know it. But I don't wish to get into politics, in fact I don't even care to talk about the end of the world because I don't believe it will come. At least not as they portray it.

I am, however, observing a great awaking, a slow one but one that is clearly happening around the world. Just think of the recent unexpected changes in the Middle East, from Tunisia to Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, North Africa... How will these developments impact the on-going Arab-Israeli conflict? What should we expect? How will it redefine our world?

And then there is the natural disasters that have shaken the Earth to the point where It actually shifted on its axis. Natural it is, that is to say, these changes happen, and have always occurred through Earth's history. However, all these shifts, both environmental, spiritual, political... seem synchronized. As the Tsunami brought waves of destruction, so has this wave of revolutionary democracy created across the Arab world.

People are being made more aware of the world around them, more aware of the disillusion, more aware of their Self. People are beginning to wake up, there are still those who resist change and resist opening their heart. But there is an overwhelming indication that people are more and more antsy. Life appears has though it's on speed, technology changing faster and faster and they can't catch up. Out of breath, exhausted, and tired of the daily world events, the senseless deaths, the continuous effort from large corporations to blind the masses - but people are waking up and smelling the organic coffee; being made more aware of their own health as they consider all the insecticides, fertilizers, hormones and pollutants that are being poured in our bodies, pollutants poured in our minds and the toxicity of today's media clinging to our children's spirit, ready to break it.

Yes, there is a mass exodus out of the way we thought and toward a promised land of New Thought. Information need not be all bad, sometimes information is required to snap us out of the box we live in. Here are a list of informative documentaries that have changed my way of seeing the world. You can purchase these, or simply watch them free online.

National Geographic - Incredible Human Machine
FRONTLINE: Sick Around America
The Future of 
Food, Inc.
The Gerson Miracle
The Beautiful Truth: The World's Simplest Cure for Cancer
Born Rich
Mark Twain - A Film Directed by Ken Burns
Maxed Out
Dr. Andrew Weil's Healthy Aging
National Geographic: Stress - Portrait of a Killer

You can easily watch these documentaries and much more right online when you subscribe to netflix.


Johnny said...

I agree there is more awareness, but also that there is a tendency to become more localised too. The more we are international, the more people seem to be looking at their local area and trying to see how that fits into the world we live in. They are using internet to create real life communities, and to campaign to make local improvements.

Contributor said...

Absolutely, thank you Johnny for your insight!