Parenting/Living by example with Niyamas

The Yamas (see Yama Mama) and the Niyamas (below) are ethical rules of conduct set forth by Patanjali, "Father of Yoga," as the first and second of the eight limbs of yoga.

NIYAMAs are personal practices - The Do’s. I practice the do’s to empower my inner child and my kids. I learn to live, to love and to acknowledge my ultimate desires; now, I do this Niyama List to clear a path for my desires.

Living and parenting by example is much easier...

I have nearly exhausted my need to lecture kids. Further, my words are often misunderstood and ignored, especially when kids want to learn through experience. So, I feel confident about living to teach instead of talking my head off. Although, I am still learning to keep my mouth shut, while I practice what I preach.

Saucha is purity.I can preach purity; I say, "Keep your fingers out of your nose and your mouth!”
Or, I just...practice purity; I truly love to clear my thoughts. I let kids see me, as I enjoy a quiet moment. Also, daily hygiene creates a dependable routine to show my body that I care.

Living toward purity creates a clear mind. Organizing work/play spaces helps keep our minds open. Teamwork toward decreasing clutter is great for efficient paperwork and crafts. I assist whenever I see a cleaning initiative with toys or clutter. Household chores are invigorating with yoga stretches. Maintenance is more than a chore; it is my chance to keep a clean body, mind, and home.

Santosha is contentment.

I can preach contentment; I say, “Some kids have less than you, so be grateful!”
Or, I just... practice contentment; I practice being comfortable with what I have and what I do not have. Embracing all experience as opportunities to learn and grow is gratifying and enjoyable. I live NOW.

Tapas is discipline.

I can preach discipline; I say, “That is what I was WARNING you about!!”
Or, I just... practice discipline; I increase my body heat that burns impurities through practices that keep my body and mind fit: relaxation, work, nutrition, exercise, and healthy amounts of sleep.

Svadhyaya is self examination.

I can preach self Examination; I say, “Control your body!”
Or, I just... practice self examination; I observe my dreams, progress and my habits to see my life more clearly. Reading, studying, practicing, observing, and reviewing my progress.

Ishvarapranidhana is spiritual attunement.

I can preach spiritual attunement; I say, “Trust the Universe to provide details!”
Or, I just... practice spiritual attunement; I attune to infinity living inside my being and allow that presence to direct my actions. I surrender my efforts to an all-knowing presence within me to, “Let Love Rule.”

Accepting Patanjali’s “Do” List is empowering me to let go of anxiety and give in to love, positive power, and spirit. An ALL-ACCESS PASS to greater spirituality, this “do” list promotes my best interests; so, I can practice what I preach to my inner child.
Feeling the love: mind body spirit. How are you feeling about these Niyamas?

Christy Camp, RYTT

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No man who is occupied in doing a very difficult thing, and doing it very well, ever loses his self-respect.