Whiten your teeth naturally and save money.

A Product Review

I am over forty, and for as long as I remember, I have been dissatisfied with my smile. Not because my teeth are slightly crooked - so what! Not because my front teeth overlap - so what! But because they always end up loosing that beautiful whiteness obtained after a visit to the dentist. I have switched toothpastes so many times hoping the next one will live up to its teeth whitening claim. None would get rid of the coffee stains, tea stains (the worst), foodstuffs and other reasons teeth loose their brightness over time. I've even tried the bleaching strips, nothing worked until I walked into this cool little place on Thousand Oaks boulevard called "The Healing Tree". There I enjoyed a delicious tea offered by the friendly merchant and browsed their variety of teas in large jars and other interesting products. One that caught my attention was Estrella, a toothpaste clinically developed by Dr. David Villarreal, DDS.

I bought it for less than $10 and after using it for two weeks, I was amazed to see the results. Finally positive results! My teeth are whitening, but they don't have that bleached look. Naturally, slowly, the stains disappeared. Of all the well known commercial toothpastes out there, this one delivered. It cleaned my teeth. I am also happy to say that the ingredients are all natural; from Aloe Verra to Grapefruit seeds, Cinnamon bark and Green Tea among them. Yes, Green Tea! I am raving about Estrella, it has brightened my teeth, it has gotten rid of those coffee stains, and is saving me money.

I am so thrilled with this product I am recommending it to everyone!

You can find Estrella at The Healing Tree, Wholefoods or simply visit their website.

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