Cleans and Detox with a Juicing fast

Day 1 
of our official 
10 day fast 
has begun!

Everything is now ready to officially begin our cleansing and detoxing. I got up this morning at 6:30 am to spend at least half and hour in my specially zen decorated room to do a few yoga Sun Salutations, stretches and meditation. Perfect soft music playing to accompany me with the flow of my Azanas. By 7 am, I took my little note pad out and registered my weight which is 110lbs. While this may not sound a lot to many of you, bear in mind that I am only 4ft11inches and 3/4 (and I am holding on to that 3/4). My goal is to be 97lbs exactly, a weight I used to be where I felt it looked good on me and a time when I was my best health wise. I was in my early thirties then. My husband's weight is 183lbs. He wants to loose at least 20lbs. 

This morning, the juicer sits on my counter top, staring at me, urging me to start dropping the food in, I am feeling a bit lazy but I have to push myself. Cooking a meal seemed easier, the prep time is shorter and your stove or oven does the rest. Now I have to prep all my vegetables and fruits, cut them, some have to be pitted, then juice them. After which comes the cleaning, if you don't clean your juicer right away, it will be harder later. 

I am not particularly feeling hungry at this time, and therefore perfect time to begin. This morning, I will do a juice with carrots, apples, and oranges. Then I will prepare an "Energy Boost" for the day, this recipe is made out of carrots, celery, beet, parsley, lettuce spinach, and tomatoes. 

I have bought enough produce to last me a few days, let's begin!


Well I stand corrected regarding the cleaning part of the task. I was referring back to an old juicer I once had that made the cleaning process long and annoying. But it was a breeze to clean this Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, each part comes apart easily and rinsing and cleaning is very quick. 

I made 1liter of morning juice, the oranges were so juicy to begin with, it was refreshing to drink it up. Gave us both a great morning boost. We chilled in the back yard for fifteen minutes as we enjoyed three glasses of carrot, apple, and orange juice. Then I did the veggie juice, the color turned me off at first but the one beet I added made the entire juice raspberry red. We were hesitating to taste our first sip, my husband went first, his eyes didn't flip backwards nor did he run for the hills, a small grin appeared on his face. It was good. I took a sip too and you know what? We are so visual, looking at the juice my mind went into a near coma; but it was actually good, okay I wouldn't say great, but good, I can drink it, I enjoyed it! 

I poured the veggie juice in a large juice bottle I had kept, and the morning leftover juice in a small water bottle. This will be enough for our morning and lunch. We might eat a banana on the side and a crisp salad with tomatoes for lunch. It's alright to wean into the fast, as long as we're not adding the heavy oily dressing on the salad and ice cream and hot fudge sauce on the banana - right? :)

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